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I currently use zinc, but they are not low smoke. The only time I have trouble with my wicks smoking is when the wax is nearly gone. I have been thinking of switching wick types because of the marathon burners (like my mother) as the wicks tend to smoke if not trimmed properly and when the wax is nearly gone (because it is hard to trim the wick in this low in the jar). I am afraid I wont be able to get as good of burn with different wicks as I do with the zincs. I am going to have to experiment! I have no problems with the zinc when the wicks are kept trimmed to 1/4 inch.

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I use regular zincs as well, and I do have to keep them properly trimmed or I have problems.... and mushrooms are a given for me.

I am thinking of testing the HTP's... I am not fond of lx's... cd's seem to smoke and smell like "burntness" haha, if that makes sense.

Maybe just try them all out and see what you like best... that's what I am going to do :smiley2:


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