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paraffin oil?


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Bittercreek site sells the supplies for oil candles but even in it's info and how to sheet it doesn't say anything about scenting....

So I did a bit more research and found this statement...

Oil candles can also be filled with aromatic oils in appealing fragrances. These are special fragrances specially meant for candle making.

I also found out that Paraffin oil IS and also known as... (drum roll please.... )Kerosene- who knew?! I'm sure i've seen already scented oil for these types of big glass lanterns. I would say that as long as it's SPECIFICALLY candle safe- it's fine. But there are FO's that are for soap and B&B only. So just becareful there.

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Then I have to wonder... is it something about the fuel type?

See, I have a confession, lol.... at the thrift store, I found a little box of plastic trays and wicks. The instructions said you could use cooking oil. So last Thanksgiving I brought two decorative glasses and some Gingerbread FO and made my Mom some table lights. They worked for me. They weren't 'strong' per say, but sitting around the table, walking by etc... definitely could smell it.

I did a search here on what people thought of them and they were pretty much poo-pooed at, alol. But I thought it was pretty novel and couldn't beleive my eyes when I seen that BB sells these trays. I think maybe you just aren't supposed to expect them to fill a room or anything. Just the immediate area you have it in. :confused:

Ok, I just re-read what Laura said. I think I get it! So maybe because these little oil candles I made in an open glass is why it was detectable, because it was a heated pool of oil in an open basin! As opposed to a closed off fuel being burnt up a wick where there is no heating of the fuel.

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