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Renaming Re/ah Serengeti Sunset


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I sure would appreciate it if you could help me with a few suggestions for renaming Serengeti Sunset.

The description is as follows:

"This sultry scent speaks of sophistication, romance, and elegance. It's a surprisingly light and warm fragrance made from a perfect blend of exotic florals, sweet Papaya, juicy Pomegranate, Vanilla, spices, and touched with a hint of seductive musk. "

It really is a great scent, somewhat strong, but very pleasant.

Thanks so much.:smiley2:

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Well, I didn't have this when I first tried to help kalamazoo with a new name for it, but now I do. And I also don't think it smells like 'Serengeti Sunset' or anything else mentioned above, but I can't come up with anything else. AH/RE also calls it 'Indian Summer' but that really doesn't quite do it for me either. Suggestions?

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