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solas' guavaberry rocks!


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I've been wanting to try this oil forever-well ever since Scented went on and on about it and how she could just drink it etc. LOL

Well anyway, a very nice person sent me a 1oz. Sample of it-it DOES smell delicious!

I soaped it last night and it behaved perfectly-almost too perfectly, I didn't think it would ever trace.

I did a three color swirl if you include the base which I added a bit of TD and shimmer mica to. I also pulled out a bit and colored half of it with green oxide and the other half with a mixture of pink & blue oxides-to achieve purple.

I cannot wait to unmold this! I think I have actual swirls for the first time, and I'm pretty sure they went all the way through! :whoohoo:

Now I NEED to order more of this deliciously awesome FO!

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