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Trick or Treat try me!


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I am trying to get my name out there and I am handing out trick or treat try me's to the parents who come up with their kids. It is a small cello bag with a 1oz hex jar in it filled with a small sample of a scented candle. The label says

Trick or Treat Try Me!

AnaBanana's Candle Co.



Scent: Punkin Head

Then there is a postcard that is a little flyer that gives 10% off. What do you think? My husband actually came up with the idea.

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I hope it works for you! I tried it two halloween's in a row and it didn't really do anything. Although one year, I had a lady pass out her home party invitations while trick or treating the weekend BEFORE her party. Worked like a CHARM! That was my best home party sales ever! LOL!

This year I'm just going to be happy to go out with my kids and enjoy a night off work! LOL!

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Just handing them to the parents but still giving the kids a treat in their bag isn't bad.

My problem is when people (and this started happening last year) put their free samples, post cards and invitations directly into my son's bag. Last thing I want for my son when he gets home and dumps out his bag is for it to be filled with these things. How disappointing would that be for any child? Halloween and other holidays (especially Christmas) have become too commercialized already. I get solicitations in the mail and email every day. I get phone solicitations less frequently now that my number is on the national do not call list but even one is still too many. If one person did it last year then 5 people will do it this year and 10 the next. Where will it stop?

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So my fear would be the following phone call:

My kid ate your candle. He thought is was candy, dug a spoon in it and ate part of it.

Of course we go through our kid's candy with a fine toothed comb, but other parents might not. I agree with Jeff...hand it to the parents explaining it is a treat for them. That keeps the glass outta the kid's bag.

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If I read well she said she will give the candle to the parents of the kids. Not directly to the kids.

I agree, a kid has to have what he expects, but if his parents are there why not give a treat to them?

Yeah, I agree, if it's done in that fashion, as in kid gets treat in the bag and it's (sample) handed to the parent, I see nothing wrong with it.

I used to hate when my kids would be dumping their bags out for inspection and they would have stuff not related to treats in them. Now had I been personally handed something like she's talking about while out with my kids, I would have loved it and if I liked it, would have ordered from who gave it to me.

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Can I ask what you think is tacky about it.

itsmejeffd explained it perfectly.

Even if you give things to the parents, what is going to stop every budding entrepreneur on the block from also doing it? Where is the parent going to put everything, because I can assure you they won't be bringing a goody bag for themselves.

If you want to do it, go ahead. That's just my 2 cents' worth. Keep it for the kids.

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Anabanana Candles...

I don't see ANYTHING wrong with this, if you hand this to the parents. I think its a GREAT idea, nice treat for all us parents!!! :yay: Oh, by the way McDonalds has wonderful lil freebee trick or treat coupons, you get like 8 or 10 for a $1, that would be a nice and safe lil treat for all the kiddies.

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When I did the scent in a sample, I enclosed it in a fall celaphane bag, with biz card in it. Tied with curly ribbon. I had a little catchy phrase with this but can't remember it. Halloween gingle

And if you want to take it further:

Relax with Wax Recipe

1 hot bath

1 tealight

2 bath beads

1 favorite Beverage

1 Partner(optional)

Mix together until tender


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