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I'd like some opinions on GL scents. They seem to be a bit expensive, are they that good? I tried the 70/30 wax and I like it and need to order some as soon as they get it back in. I was thinking of trying a few FO's, so what do you all think? Any favorites? TIA

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I've only tested a few but some of the ones I was very pleased with (throw in my soy/para blend) are:

Honey Graham Cracker (so spicy and yummy) great fall and holiday

Cranberry Orange Spice

Indonesian Teak

Chocolate Orange

Can't remember the others right now...

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I've never ordered from them, but tonight I was looking through my FO samples and I came acrossed citrus bergamont from GL-OMG this smells delicious!!!

If I get energetic I may soap it tonight!

I hate to add yet another FO supplier to my already long list-but unless I find this oil elsewhere, I'm just gonna have to break down and buy it.

I've also sniffed mystic berry (I think that's the name?) But didn't care for that one, kinda smelled like incense IMO.

If you do a search I know there are quite a few threads on GL fo's.

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Yes, give them a try. They are one of the few FO suppliers that carry FOs that I don't get sick of!


Seriously, those "custom blended" ones - though I haven't of course tried them all - the ones I have are really good. May want to try:

Antahala Vanilla

Tuscan Patchouli

Polynesian Black Ginger



Used to like Indonedian Teak, but I'm burned out from it. Its one of those super strong FOs.

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