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A few uestions about the NG (or any) foamer bottles


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Hi guys, I decided to make some foaming soap for the first time, I have the foamer bottles from NG. I followed roughly the instructions on the NG site, the only difference is I added slightly more liquid soap and then weighed everything (water and soap) and added Liquid Germall Plus. None of the instructions I've read said to add preservative, only water but it makes me nervous so I added some. Do you guys add preservatives to this? Also, the foam that comes out is very liquidy and runny, not big and foamy like the kinds we buy in the store and it doesn't lather much. IS this normal? Do I need to add even more liquid soap or try a different kind of liquid sooap base?

I also noticed that only 4-5 pumps of this in my hand took quite a bit of liquid out of the bottle, like half an inch, yikes! That means these things would not last long at all, not many hand washes per bottle....are other foaming bottles better? Just wondering!! :)



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I don't know what the instructions are from NG but after experimenting alot to make a nice foaming soap I ended up finally making the soap the consistency of liquid dish soap which worked best for my foaming soap. The lather will be fluffy and be nice and foamy when you wash your hands. I tried the 3 parts water to 1 part of soap and it didn't work, it was way too liquidy. Good luck I don't know if I helped any or not.

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If you're having to pump 4 or 5 times for one washing, then there's definitely a problem there. The one I have here at home (from Target-their brand) only requires me to pump ONE time and it's a rich thick foam, that works really well.

The soap that is in it, is definitely runnier than dish soap, but not by too much, if that makes any sense?

Did you purchase the LS from NG as well? I think I would call them and tell them the problems you're having and see what they suggest.

I'm pretty sure that if you are using a base that requires water be added, then the base should have enough preservative in it to compensate for that, but I understand your feelings-anything with water in it, I want to add "extra" just a precaution, but I know that I'm overreacting and that "more" is not always better. ;)

Again, your best bet is to contact NG or whomever you purchased the base soap from and tell them what's going on.

Hope you get some answers.

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