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Need some advice!


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So I am newer to the soap making world! But slightly obsessive :)

I have made quite a few batches and was planning on hosting a holiday craft sale at my house with another friend in mid-November.

Since then I have been invited to have some soap at an Antique Mall and now at a little flower type shop.

I work full-time and go to school full-time and am kind of drowning.

To top it off my printer is on the skitz-or just needs someone to straighten it out with my laptop.

SO I have been throwing my soaps in plastic goodie type bags, printing a plain white label stating the flavor, some ingredients, and my contact info and using a silver twist tie. Have hopes of having better packaging soon

Is this cheesy? to cheesy to put out there?

I have made enough that is good to move some of it!

Would anyone buy any in such drab packaging? Or do others also sale this way?

I do not have a real mold yet so my soaps come out of like a kitty liter pan or box-so are not uniform and the right shape quite to buy and use the soap boxes that some use!!

Any support/info/encouragement would be appreciated!!


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When I started out I was making soap in drawer liners. I believe they call them "Martha's Molds" here, because there are certain ones you can buy at Kmart with the Martha Stewart stuff. At least if you spent the $ on one of those (they aren't very expensive at all) and a bit of freezer paper you could solve the "uniform bar" issue. As far as the packaging goes....sometimes less is more. I ran out of boxes one time and took strips of homespun (the cheapo Walmart stuff) and tied my soap like a package with it. I printed ingredients/fragrance/contact info on cardstock--cut those into little tags and had those attached to the homespun. It was some cheap packaging by many standards, probably, but it worked and it was cute as a bug's ear! :) Now, I have a country theme so of course that will work for me. Everyone is different, so you just have to get a little creative. Good luck to you and I hope you do well!

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Thanks!! I did a bunch this way and does not look bad!

Ribbon may be prettier!!

They are all on a 4 shelf bookcase-so then they all start to look a little drab!

Went by there today and did not notice any sign of any of the soaps disappearing (at the Antique Mall)--was tempted to do a count-but thought better!!

Want to sell EVRYTHING and give myself a warm fuzzy feeling!!

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