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C-3 Newbie!

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Yes! I am new to using C-3. Poured my first tester using C-3 today. Tuberose and Jasmine. I know this particular oil is a great soy thrower cause it throws well in my CB135.

It is nice and creamy but it sure has a lot of tiny tiny bubbles.

For those of you that use C-3 how long do you let it cure?

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Welcome Candybee!

How long do I let C3 cure? That depends upon what I am doing with it...

If I am testing the wicking, 48 hours

If I am testing scent throw, a week.

If I am selling, at least 1 week

Other people have different opinions. I think the NatureWax Handling Sheets (available from their website) recommend a much shorter curing period.

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I use C3 pretty much because I can get it locally, so no shipping charges but I really do like the wax. I cure for about 48 hours or a bit less, I like to know that I can get a good throw in that amount of time from my FO. Then I know they will just get better the longer they sit.

I use this cure time for testing new scents and wicks.

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I'm going to reply to my own post. lol I was just sitting here thinking and made a decision on what to try. I'll get out the CO and give that a try. I think that might help smooth it some. Also i'm going to pour it hotter to try to get rid of the air bubbles. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I love C-3, trying pouring it very slowly that usually helps.:yay:

Thank you, I will try that. :)

I just tried it. I poured very cool and very slow. So far so good! I don't see bubbles on the sides of the jar and the top looks like it'll be much smoother this time. it isn't cool all the way yet. I'll report back.

I don't think I like adding the CO though. Going to try next without it.

I had CBA wax down pat, but decided to try the C3 because the suppliers I use have it a few dollars cheaper. If I can make it work for me - great! Saving a few bucks is always a plus!

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