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Wax melter @ Sams Club

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Hi, I'm new here. I thought you'd like to hear about this. I was in Sam's Club last week and found a neat wax melter. It's a Masterbuilt Four Season turkey fryer. It holds 28 qts. It has a valve on the bottom, a lid, a removable heat element, a timer, thermostat that goes from 150 degrees up. It's working great! Melts 10 lbs. of wax in about 20 mins and holds it at 175 or 150 as long as you leave it turned on. I couldn't be happier with the thing...plus I can cook a turkey if I want! Here's a web site:


It's the one on the right that's $160. I think they're also available at Target.

Thanks to you all for the info on here. It's been a tremendous help getting started.

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