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Taylored Concepts FO's


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I don't use soy, but I've found some good oils at Taylored Concepts. I haven't liked some of the fruity ones, but they really do well with chocolate, coffee, and bakery scents. They've been very helpful the times I called with a question about a fragrance.

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Barbara AL is the TC expert...hopefully she will pop on here and help you out.

Here is what she told me works well in soy... Cranberry, Apple Strudel, Orange Cranberry, Autumn Harvest, Vanilla Wafer and Sinus Relief.

Again...I haven't tried these personally but I trust Barbara's opinion.



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For some reason my ears were burning!! LOL

Here are some favorites of mine from Taylored Concepts that work in soy this was the first company that I ordered from when I was first starting out.

Apple Strudel


Autumn Harvest


Orange Cranberry

Beachin (just CP soaped this turned medium brown)

All of Robert Coffee's Just soaped Coffee House a combination of Chocolate and Coffee love this scent also his Kaluha Cafe o Lait

Cinnamon Styx

Granny's Kitchen

Sinus Relief

Peppermint Eucalyptus

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Vanilla Waffer

Vanilla Sugar Cookie

If you only choose a few I would suggest Granny's Kitchen it is different Apples & Anise is what I smell

Another one is Apple Strudel, Orange Cranberry and Cranberry. I believe his Pumpkin Pie Spice and Coffee House is on sale.


Barbara AL

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