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Gl 70/30


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Do you consider this wax soy or para? Like to decide on which wick to test would you try one recommended for soy? And also with the FO's. I've been testing ECO's and LX in this wax. I tested only 1 size CD beccause my friend had them and gave me a few. I used J50 and Zinc wicks but am tired of the wet spot problem with J50. But I had a good HT with that combo. I like the look of the 70/30 much better. I just want to get that same good HT with the 70/30. Anyone have any suggestions on this wax? I'd like to have a good combo by Xmas, lol. Think thats possible? So many wicks out there and for a somewhat newbie yet its so confussing. Any thoughts would be appreciated! TIA...Dee

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