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Don't do this

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yep, I used another crystal container palm wax and mixed it with glass glow. Glad i only did a pound! I was actually shocked at how ugly it came out. Just for the heck of it, I tested the burn and that was fine, good scent throw, too. It was just the ugliest candle I've seen in a long time. :)

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I did it because I was running low on glass glow and thought (more like hoped) I could get more of the effects of the glass glow if I combined the 2 and stretch the wax. I still have about 50 lbs of my other container palm wax. I at least expected to get some crystals, but no such luck.

I burned some of it, but I'll post a pic of what's left so that you can see.

I did what I always do and poured between 195-200 and used 6% fo.



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Mine looked the same way after a couple burns. It pulled from the jar terribly and the melted wax on the top spilled over into the rest of the jar and make that funky thing that your has going on. I wouls post pictures, but I did mine in white and it is hard to see if you are not in person. I too poured at 190 like I always do and the only reason that I mixed the two is because I saw someone in the gallery had did it with glass glow and starburst palm wax.

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