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Does anyone know of a place or places where I can purchase a tall (not low profile) 30 ml or approx 30 g- 40 ml clear jar w/sifter and top?

I know that's a tall order, but I have been looking on the internet and can find the tall 30 ml (g)jar, but cannot find the sifter insert because none of the websites give a dimension of the jar.

I don't mind purchasing the jar and lid from one site and the sifter from another....

Any help would be appreciated - I am trying to package a specialty body powder to be dispensed in a shaker. I need a small jar because I want to make samples.

Thanks in advance.

PS I want it to look like this http://www.lotioncrafter.com/store/Black-Shaker-Jar-11ml-pr-16410.html but at least 2x the size - I want at least an oz of powder in the jar w/sifter.

I hope I am not dreaming the impossible dream:cheesy2:

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