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Those little tabs


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Would someone be so kind to tell me how to use the tabs. I have a lot of surplus "un" tabbed wicks. I have cut the wicks off from containers that I poured and they are long enough to use them in other containers. I would like to use them verses throwing them away.

I tried a drop of hot glue in the center and then placed the wick down inside of it. It just seems to be such a hassle. Also, after they dry, I can not get them to suck up to the magnet holder.

I even tried to squeeze the tips with pliers and that did not do very well.

I hope that you don't think I am dumb for asking I just want to be as thrifty as possible and use up what I can.

Thank you in advance for your suggestion!

Tattered Silk

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If you are askinghow to attach wicks to tabs, check out the jewelry section of your local craft store. Find bead crimpers. They work great, they are light and easy to handle and they don't bend the tab up. Also, don't pinch too close to the tab - try a littler higher up on the neck - the tab won't bend so easily. HTH

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