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Day one of my show


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Wow, what a day. I hardly got to sit down at all. There's some slim pickin's in the booth for tomorrow! Pillars went like crazy again. I sold a hurricane, got several inquiries about holiday 'canes with photos and a lady is supposed to come back tomorrow for 2. Got invited to another craft fair next month and a gentleman took my card as his wife is in charge of the gift shop at a local winery and she may be interested in my candles.

Today was good, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Guest SecretBuddy084


I knew those pillars would fly off the tables. Great news all the way around. Picture 'canes for holiday gifts is a biggy for me. Amazing what can happen when you don't get hit with a wall of rain. But check you tent anyway before taking everything down Sunday.

Hope sales Sunday wipe you out.


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Well, Sunday was not so good. I ended up with about the same number of sales as last year, but the average sale was way down.

Here's a funny. I usually run a promotion that if you spend $15 you get a scratch off card to win money off your order ($1, 5%, etc.) They were charging $2 for parking so my special on Sunday was "FREE parking! Spend $15 and take $2 off your order". I only had one sale over $15 (the lady who said she was coming back for 2 'canes) and she lived closed enough to walk - didn't even have to pay parking! Oh well, I tried.

But I still have quit a bit of restocking for the next show!

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