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Combining fonts on labels


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Does anyone do this?

I'm working on the my labelling just now, have found some fonts I like, got the wording I want & am wearing out the printer trying everything out.

However some of the fonts are great in the larger print for names etc but when I shrink the size for directions, safety etc they aren't so good.

Would you use one font for the header, company name, fragrance, then another font for directions, safety, contact details.

I'm working on clamshell labels at the moment but I want to be able to use the same fonts across my products labels & I want them to be easily read.

I haven't come to any conclusions yet, still surprising myself with actually getting things right on the computer, & having more ideas as I print off each set of styles.

It's fun when it goes well & so frustrating when it doesn't!

Any one got any other ideas they would care to share?


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It is advisable to use more than one font on your label, but overdoing it is not good! In my opinion, the company name stands out when you use one font for that. Definitely change the font for the rest of the information. Two is good, three is tricky and if you are using three, I would use one for the Company name, one for the Fragrance, and the rest of the info something different. Tagline should be the same as the fragrance. Of course there are always exceptions to this, but generally more than three fonts on a label is not advisable. It's too busy that way.

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Sharon (PrairieAnnie) gave you good advice! With my labels I have the company name and the fragrance name in the specialty type font (the fun fancy stuff!). Everything else is Times New Roman, sometimes it'll be in italics, but usually not. Basically, by keeping most of my text very easily readable, I can use a font that's more difficult to read, but fun, flowy, and fitting my company, on the company name and fragrance parts.

I'm gonna try (hehe....i'm so sleep deprived at the moment, it's hardly even funny!) to pull some pics of my labels in here. Hopefully I can get it to work.



Hmmm... but I wanted to be able to share the backs of the labels too.... Hang on...

(I am so not awake for this... :D ... so you better be appreciating this! LOL!)

Okay, I can't figure out how to get a picture in here without it being already online somewhere. I don't really want to add a picture of just my label into one of my online photo albums... any tips on this ladies (and gents)?

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Oh thank you Lindsay your labels look lovely.

I've been playing with company name & fragrance in the same font today, with the rest of the blurb in another font. I have to choose between the 6 fonts I've selected for the names & the 2 others for the blurb, both are good clear styles so easy to read & look good with the others.

Now to make them work on labels for pillar candles & tins.

Thanks for taking the time to put your pics in, you are very much appreciated.


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