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Liquid Bubble Bath..


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I have searched high and low for a liquid bubble bath recipe that can be made without using a liquid bubble bath base from a supplier etc. Liquid soap does not hold big scrumptious bubbles for very long. I heard about someone doing one with DPG once... I can't find any recipes or tips however. All the ones I do find say to get some liquid soap, some glycerin, etc etc. Tried it, does not work. Any ideas or a good recipe? I am trying to make a bath "honey" that bubbles and keeps its bubbles for at least 15-30 minutes for an adequate bath.

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Here is the recipe:

Lots of Bubbles Bubble Bath

1 kg bath size

Part A: By volume

5% BSB Sufactant 50 grams 1/4 cup

20% Amphosol CG Surfactant 200 grams 2/3 cup

23% Bioterge AS40 Surfactant 230 grams 1 cup

Part B:

50% water 500 grams 2 cups

Part C:

1.0% Glycerin 10 grams 2 tsp.

0.5% Aloe Vera Extract 5 grams 1 tsp.

0.5% Germail Plus Preservative 5 grams 1 tsp.

Mix all ingredients together. Because all ingredients are liquid there is no need to use hot water so the preservative can be added at the same time as the other ingredients. Once everything is fully combined add fragrance and color, if desired. (FD&C liquid colours).

To thicken bubble bath add salt in small amounts, stirring to fully incorporate until the desired thickeness is achieved.

If you desired, you can also use Crothix to thicken at approx. 2% in replace of the equivalent amount of water. you would add this at the beginning to the surfactants, heating up the surfactants to melt in the Crothix. You would then need to wait to add the preservative until your bubble bath is cool.

My sister makes this for me and my kids all the time, the bubbles last FOREVER....enjoy:D

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Wow thats awesome! I need to place an order at Voyageur Soap and they have all those surfactants. :)


This is the recipe off their site. My sister used to work for them when they had a store here in Kamloops. My sister and I get most of our supplies through their main store in Surrey.

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They have the ingrediants on their website. They have a great list of recipes and my sister has made pretty much everything from their bath and body recipes and it is all awesome!! She sells tons of it....if you go to their website home page and under soap bath and body leave your curser on that and then the recipes come up.

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on their home page at the top you will see candles, soap and bath and body etc....leave your cursor on the bath and body soap section and a box will drop down and all the recipes are there......you have to keep your cursor on it though, they dont make it 'easy' to find.

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Has anyone tried their Bath ans Shower gel recipe? What did ya think? :DDoes it smell "soapy" under the FO?

My sister has made pretty much everything on their site under bath and body, and it is all excellent. She sells tons of it all. The bath and shower gels are nice

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