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2" Pillar Testing-Totally Psyched!


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You're probably thinking, what am I looking at, LOL.

I have a large order for 2" unscented rustics. This is not one of my sizes. The hostess plans on putting them in hurricane glass holders. My first tester was a perfect rustic with LX-12 raw that spilled over after a few hours.

Back to square one. I remelted it (hence the dull candle) and used LX-10 raw. The photo is of the cooled pillar after an initial burn of 4 hours and 40 minutes. The hostess understands that we are pushing the envelope here on a 2" candle. The flame was mushrooming and pretty high when I extinguished it but it never did spill. She will be content with some over spill. I will burn to the end but I think this is a go.

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E....that is great that it worked for you. With the IGI wax I am now using I am not sure. When I was using 4045 and 4045H the 0/5 SB worked perfectly. What wax did you use for these? Donita

4045H with 2 TBS stearic pp. If this ones does not work out, I'll keep the 0/5 SB in mind, it's not a wick I'm familiar with. Thanks for your input. 2" are known to be a PITA!


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