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Finally got to soap!!

Mostly Lurkin

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Thank you again all. Ty - you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the DoRights! An absolute breeze to assemble. NO leaking, nice crisp corners and pops right in the dishwasher to clean. Doesn't get any bettern' that in my world!

Took some pics this afternoon, but lost daylight so I'm only semi-pleased with these 2 pics - the others will def have to be re-taken.

1st - Patchouli essential oil. Despite the high color, no 'real' bleeding to report. The initial cleaning they did, but 2nd time around (long story, don't wanna talk about it, lol) next to no coloring came out. Great bubble & lather just from handling the wet bars. I think I'm keepin' this new recipe as my base 1.


2nd is the Blue Sugar. Of course can I get blue when I want blue? Nooooo.... but the swirls came out kinda cool. It was a 1/2 a**ed side by side swirl in the mold - but I like the look. Just wish the damn thing was blue, lol.


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