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I know some may already know this but...


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I am soooo excited.. I just mixed up my own batch receipe of this FO scents and wanted to share for any newbies (like myself) that may want to try it.

It is a blend of:

Cranberry (1/4oz) AppleSpice (1/4oz) and a touch of Vanilla

I called it Cranberry Apple Souffle and it smells AWESOME!!! I am soooo tickled.. now to wait for it to cure and I get to burn it! :D

FO's suppliers:

Cranberry: Chemessence (sorry I dont remember the abbreviation)

AppleSpice: C&S

Vanilla: C&S

This is my first time to mix scents together and so I am just tickled pink at how it actually WORKED! (the simplest things in life just thrill me! :tongue2: )

Thanks for letting me get all excited here! No one here at my house to share with and it is too late for me to call anyone that would really care ... nobody in my family understands why I want to do this when you can buy them.. EXCUSE ME.. I LOVE TO DO IT.. that is all that matters~ right? ~lol..

ok.. off my soapbox ~:D


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