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Homemade Liquid soap for washing dishes???


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Have you googled it? Probably some of the crunchy-granola sites have people doing this, but maybe not?

I've never made liquid so I have no clue. If you do already make liquid, I'd try it on some of your dishes (ones ya don't care much for, of coarse) and see how it pans out. Tweak as necessary. Ya never know, you might be onto the next new thing ;)

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I know when I am making liquid laundry soap, that it has a very low super fat level. Tallow is also supposed to be a good "cleaning" soap. So make a liquid soap with say tallow and olive might be a place to start. Or even start with a soap bar and make that into a gel?

I remember we used to use a very hard piece of soap in a wire frame for the dished, that was swished around iin the water. I was wanting to try a pure tallow soap, with very low sf, and see if that worked.

Let me know what you discover.

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