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All That Glitters...


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May be soap!

For your aproval (somehow these just seem to need a formal introduction)… the first is “sun tea”. A black tea mix (earl grey, constant comment, and an English breakfast tea). I had some left over and happened to have the sun mold handy and poured it in. That was two weeks ago and they have been sitting around curing since.. I didn’t like them and was thinking about tossing them when I happened to see the gold mica sitting there… so I did what anyone else would… I burnished the soap.

The second picture is my foray into chocolate. The bars are “cherry cordial”. The red balls are cherry (and cherry FO is yucky I have discovered, I will never do this again) and the brown is, of course, chocolate. Colored with cocoa and scented with some chocolate FO I picked a sample of up. Sorry, scents just aren’t all that important to me.. I can go get the bottle and tell you what it is if anyone really cares. The roses and medallions are a repeat of the sun tea.

The third is my first attempt at black tea. I used a Ceylon black tea but didn’t like it after a week. It didn’t smell or look like what I wanted… ergo the sun tea. Now I like the way the Ceylon tea smells best, but I still don’t like how it looks.

The last is the “biker bar”. It’s a repeat of the batch I screwed up last week… only done right except I did decide to leave the coffee grounds out. It’s a very hard, very sudsy bar. As soon as they get back from bike week I’ll have him test it on bike grease and see if it does the job.





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Oo, Cheryl, what a great idea to gild them - they look so upscale! :thumbsup: The third one looks like dark leopard jasper.

I'm so with you on cherry fo - I once got a bottle of "Cherry Blossom" or some such, and it smelled exactly like vomited-up children's cough syrup. (Unfortunately, I know whereof I speak.)

Heehee- "biker bar." :cheesy2:

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Thank you all… I have to admit I rather like this bunch of soaps. I happened to have the gold mica for a project for hubby (he loves gold… such a typical Italian! LOL) but I’m going to order some silver for the moons. It will be a pain to do but I think the sun and moon medallions will make cute gifts. I would like to find the same mold done in silicone if anyone knows of a source?

(reminds self to STOP lookin at Grandma's soaps - getting a major inferiority complex)

HAHAHA... I've seen you soaps so stop it! I admit I like my soaps... they are different... unique... but that's only cuz I have poor impulse control. I could start posting pictures of my many failures to make you feel better... but naw... I prefer the compliments! :naughty:

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