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A good mailing list software?


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Hello everyone!

I wanted to know where I can possibly find a good mailing list software for a website I am designing for a friend. I cannot seem to find a good mailing list or I'm just pretty much blind at the moment, trying to design a website for my friend has been a trying experience when 2 people are trying to design 1 site and it's not looking so good.

the site: https:///www.turningpageevents.com

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I used Constant Contact for a while and really liked them. They have a free 30 or 60 day trial period. It used to also allow a free list up to 50 (or 100?) subscribers, but they just took that away. Now they charge $15.00/month up to 250 subscribers. Then they go up depending on the number of your subscriber list.

My other 'issue' with them is I had to have two completely separate lists. One for my retail site, and one for my supply site. I don't mind my customers for my supply site knowing about my retail site. But I didn't want my retail site to know about my supply site. The last thing those customers need to know is that they can buy a gallon of my lotion for $20.00, the same thing they're paying $5.50 for a 4oz bottle. Yeah...not good. So I had to have two completely different accounts from them. Didn't make me real happy when they started charging for the smaller accounts.

But if $15/month is okay for you (it was for me if I only had to pay it once but I had to pay $15 for one account, and whatever the next level up was for the other), then they're a good company. They have easy to use html based programs. Decent templates, good flexibility within those templates (the ability to change some visual basics). I've always preferred the newsletters that are html based, rather than simply text. Especially when selling something as visual as soaps or candles.

Another company I looked into for a while was Vertical Response. You pay per e-mail you send out. So you multiply your list by how often you send out. So if you have 200 customers, and you mail twice a month, you're charged for 400 mailings. They seemed like a good company, I just wasn't as impressed with their templates.

I'm trying out a new company now. Again html based e-mails. Now I need to find a link..... Express E-Mail Marketing. They're prices are much nicer Constant Contact. The templates are decent. Nothing amazing, but I haven't had any e-mail marketing set up for several months now, ever since CC jumped their prices, and I needed something back in place.

Okay, I can't find a direct link to anything but my actual stuff. I'm sure you could do a search for Express EMail Marketing and have them come up. It's a service through Internet Based Moms. They'll try to pitch you on a ton of other things, but hey, that's practically expected nowadays!

I'm testing it on my retail site right now. I've sent myself a test e-mail, and it seemed nice. It was easy to put together, and came to my inbox (not my junk folder like many do). I was happy with it. I'll probably install it on my supply site next week. I just need to get through my weekend first. Oh, with the higher versions, you also get survey capabilities. I'm excited about that for down the road!

If you just need text (no pictures, nothing fancy), holler, and I can send you to a place that has some other companies listed.

Okay, that was long enough, but hey, you asked for opinions! You definitely got them! LOL!

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check out ymlp.com

2.50 per month for up to 500 emails...I've signed up for their free trial for up to 25 emails. They do seem to have some customization options although I haven't played much with them...I'm STILL underconstruction STILL underconstruction....STILL underconstruction...gosh will I ever be done:undecided

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Bump - I'm about to set up a mailing list and thought I'd see if anyone had anything to add to what's already been suggested, or if anyone else had experiences to share. I'm checking out the ones that have already been mentioned! :)

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