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I thought the same thing when I bought 444 after the 415. WRONG lol You will have to wick up 1 to 2 sizes.

SOMETHING impacted the wick and it was a PITA trying to get wicked. I won't even use the 444 by itself now. I use it in my own parasoy blend and that alleviates the problems I had with wicking.

On a good note, the scent throw is awesome with the 444!

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m testing the GB 464 and was told by candlescience CS that I could use their wick guide. The GB waxes are not listed but here is what you do.

For GB 444 & 464 you go by wick recs for CB135.

For 415 you go by CB Pure Soy or CB Advanced...can't remember which one! LOL! They are both very close in wick sizes. Maybe candlescience will chime in and let us know.

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