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Post (Throw in soy?)

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This might be a dumb question if it is I apologize before hand. I was wondering the post about - F.O.'s throw in soy, Is it referring to 100% soy or all different types? I am just wondering because I had posted before and stated that some fos on the list dont throw which is expected but some that were'nt on the list do and then I tried to make a para/soy blend and one not on the list threw awesome and want to try it in plain soy which is what I use.

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Okay that list was create for straight soy with maybe a few additives. Every person that added to that list uses pretty much straight soy.

But now for me personally I have found a lot of those scents do really well in my soy blend which has a small amount of paraffin but I use paraffin more as an additive than a major part of my blend.

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