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Help with designing a vinyl banner....


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Nothing's wrong with black and white. It's usually cheaper than color anyway.

But if you want color you could switch to a different color banner, like yellow and keep all the text in black. That would probably grab someone's attention. Another thing you could do is keep the white banner and only change the color of the outline of the box and your name within it (maybe red or burgundy?) and keep the rest black, or do the opposite, keep it black and change the rest of the text.

If it's real vinyl lettering they are using, 2-colors of text will ordinarily be more expensive. But if they are printing it digitally you can have all the colors you want and it shouldn't cost you any more.

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I bought a vinyl banner off of ebay and it was so slow to ship. When it did arrive is was trash. It was glued/melted not stiched, the grommets were bent, the printing was a joke, it had glue all over the front.

But it was going to be sooo cute!

I had 2 snowmen angels flying toward the center with my company name and my catch line under that. :-(

I could use it, but when that would be the first impression of the quality of my items I only will accept the best.

I would like to add they did refund my $$$ in full.

I have a fall festival on Saturday and no banner. I ordered it 6 weeks in advance to advoid these problems. Ah, but they found me anyway!

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