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My Lemon Chiffon Tarts


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If these are the ones that were in the Candles and B&B swap- let me attest to the fact that they smell awesome.

Would the co account for the extra scent I sniffed in them... I couldn't really pick it out at the time but it was more than just lemon... more cake like and now that you say you added co- would it smell like coconut too? That feels like a stupid q because I've used CO in balms and other things and I don't think it gave it any added scent. So maybe it's just the 'Chiffon' part of the Lemon Chiffon.:D Whatever it is, they were awesome and 'lingered in the corners of the house here and there' as hubby put it, lol. He hates how I make and burn the yummy food scents and don't make him anything to actually EAT, lol.

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