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Tart making 101


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Hi! I have made tarts in past-but from left over wax from pouring candles

Wanted to make some from some "tart" wax bought quite a while ago

Quick question

I can heat the wax and then put little quantities in a smaller container and mix in FO and pour-then get more, different FO, pour, etc


Pulling it away from heat source for a few isn't going to allow it to cool before i pour my tarts?

have an "event" to go to and wanted to bring a few flavors for the hostess and a couple guests!!

Thought quick and easy!


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I do this with a paper dixie cup - bathroom size. For samples that I order that don't intrigue me OOB, I directly pour an ounce of wax in the dixie cup then add 0.1 oz of FO (my scales don't have lower increments). For testing purposes I dont' pour into a mold I just allow the wax to set in the cup then tear away and pop it into my warmer.

Your wax will not cool too quickly when dipping and pouring into another container then adding FO and color before pouring into a mold. I do this all the time.

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