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Madagascar Vanilla Orchid smells like glue?


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I have bought this oil twice from same supplier. First time it was clear and smelled heavenly. Second time it was brown and had a glue scent.

The supplier told me, that her supplier told her, that the oil changed color due to the heat. It was disappointing that the second batch of oil made a vanilla candle that wasn't pure white (first time it was pure white).....but I think that I could have lived with that if it were'nt for the glue smell. Has anyone ever encountered this glue smell? Is the oil bad?


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From the description of this fragrance (the actual fragrance name-lol), I'm almost 100% positive that I get mine from the same supplier. I have to say, I received my new order of the madagascar vanilla a few weeks ago, and yes, the color is definitely different, but I can live with that. But as for a glue smell? Nope, I definitely don't have that at all. It smells just as awesome as the first bottle I bought.

Just my 2 cents.


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I actually didn't get it fixed:sad2:

I called supplier upon reciept to voice my disappointment...she told me the thing about the heat changing the color of the oil.

She said that she doesn't notice a glue smell.

She said that there was nothing that she could do about it.

Although, I know that I shouldn't, I placed a little oil on my skin and it seemed to smell ok.

I told her that I would make a candle and let her know.

As I said, the candle was a shade darker (not pure white) and I did notice the smell of glue (also, I had a candle from the first batch for comparison).

I emailed her to tell her about the candle having a different color and glue smell. To date she has not responded...which is highly unusual, as she normally responds to emails super fast.

Isn't it fair that I should expect to be notified of the oil's changing color? regardless of wether or not she notes a change in the smell? As a customer, Isn't it my choice as to wether or not I purchase the oil, if it is differnt than it normally is?

This is my first experience with this happening. Does this happen often, that the same oil, from the same supplier will be different from time to time? Do they normally inform customers of this before purchase? I would love to know.

This is such a bummer because the oil smelled so great the first time and the supplier has been so awesome (in all previous trnxns).


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