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Types of Lavender EO


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Can anyone point me in the direction of a sweeter smelling lavender EO. I love the properties of the regular EO and how great it is for the skin, but it smells (to me) sooo "mediciny"

I used a Lavender Jasmine blend from Brambleberry which is steam distilled from france using the leaves, stalks and flowers (according to the label) and it's not sweet at all.

I also have a bottle of Provence Lavender that is steam distilled from the flowering tops. That doesn't smell so great OOB either.

Is it possible for a sweeter smell from (good) lavender EO? If not, I'll just bite the bullet and use what I have.

Thanks so much!

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I found BBs Provence Lavender much sweeter than any bulgarians I've tried. And you have to keep trying - one bulgarian isn't the same as another, and it can vary from year to year.

Lavender OOB will usually smell like that - you're smelling too strong a concentration. Put a drop on a qtip or coffee filter and smell that.

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