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Fillmore Containers Review


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Tested some of Fillmores new line of fragrances and this is what I got:

Butterscotch Brulee: used this in my parasoy blend and after 2 days curing it fills the house with the cold throw! Never had this happen before. It has a nice butterscotch caramel scent. Exactly what I wanted to pair off with my chocolate brownie.

Tuberose & Jasmine: Put this in my M&P and took some soaps to market last weekend and almost sold out. Have to make some more. Smells very feminine. Customers said they loved the fragrance.

Peach Preserves: I get a fuel smell OOB. I put this in some crystal palm wax and haven't had time to test burn the candle yet but still getting a fuel smell in the wax. Will have to wait and see.

Cocoa Therapy: I love this fragrance!! Put this in M&P and took it to market too. Another instant big seller! Has a nice cocoa smell like the powder. Reminds me of hot cocoa. Smells fantastic in my soap.

Irish Moss: Very nice fragrance OOB. Put this in my M&P but it came out weak. Too bad its a nice fragrance but I can't double up on oil in my soap to get a good scent.

Cedarwood: Smells like the real thing. I love this to mix with other scents. Tried it alone in palm wax and it has a great hot and cold throw. Mixed with cinnamon its awesome!

So far I like their oils and I would buy from them again. Definately the cocoa therapy and tuberose and jasmine. Next I'm gonna try their daffodil and english lavender. They smelled great OOB at their showroom so next time I buy I will get them.

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