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Masterbatching Lye???


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I masterbatched enough oils for 30 batches of my soap (I make 2.5 and 3.5 pound batches for now). I will be making my lye water as needed because I don't feel safe masterbatching that.

I want to make some layered soap, but not have to mix up separate batches of lye water. I will be making a 3 pound batch for this.

Water for 3 pound batch: 15.8 oz

Lye for 3 pound batch: 6.7 oz

I want to make 3 layers of one pound each (I know that isn't recommended, but I have done it before with no problems). If I add that up and divide by three, I get 7.5 oz. So is it okay to go by 7.5 oz of mixed up solution? I also add sugar, sodium lactacte, salt, and silk, do I add all those in for my weight as well???



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I really should have picked a different nickname, lol. Never been a pastor and never will be.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY! I see it now! Whew, my freaky side is still intact. Maybe that's what we all need eh, spending too much time on the forum!

That song "I touch myself" is now playing in my head:laugh2:

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