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Looking for a better candle thermometer...

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The glass candy thermometers from Walmart seem to be poorly made. I had one that I got with my kit (Yaley) last year, it lasted until my son accidently dropped it. Then I started buying the ones from Walmart and have gone through like 4 in the past 6 mo.

I have a digital from WalMart, a couple of probe-type mechanical thermometers, but quite often, I reach for my old candy thermometer (that is.... ummmm... 30 years old) because it clips to the side of the pot! It still keeps pretty good time! :tongue2:
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I think I've tried them all. None of them were really accurate and the glass ones break when you drop them (even on the counter.) Bought one that you can actually adjust from a kitchen shop and that was better, but you have to boil water and test it every so often and then adjust it until it's correct. FINALLY bought an IR from Ebay...love it...very accurate and OH SO EASY to use. Just point and click and you get a reading. It was under $20 and well worth it. I haven't dropped it yet because it's easy to hold, but the guy I bought it from told me he's dropped one all the time and it still is working great. Oh and you can also use it to see how hot your container is getting while burning candles.

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My $.02...I got a digital one with a probe (and an alarm that goes off if the temp gets to high)...for $6 at Ikea! It's got the metal probe (it's a meat thermometer). Works great :) And for $6, you can't beat that!


Next time I visit my sister I'm picking one up. She lives right around the corner from a huge Ikea store. Thanks!

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