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Ok.. Here I am with a Help ?? again..


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I need some scent mix ideas .. I just asked to donate a small candle basket to a school festival and she only wants like 2 candles since its a donation thingy.. and wants FALL scents.

Here's the FO's that I have on hand that r in fall lines :

spiced apple Hazelnut Cinnamon Coconut Wildberry Vanilla

Bayberry Amber Vanilla Nutmeg Raspberry Tea Fireside Tea

Mulberry Black Cherry Patchouli Chamomile tea

Dragon's Blood

**Now.. my ?? is What scents and/or mixtures can I do that will blend well to really WOW them for this Festival... any ideas??

This is the FIRST one I have been asked to do so I am excited to get my name out there in the market~lol.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!


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