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Yeah but Backwoods also said Pink Pepperberry would discolor and it doesn't, so will be interesting to see what happens to your batches.

Interesting Scented. Now that you mention it I did make my own batch this summer and don't remember any discoloration in the Pepperberry for me either. My original results from our testers mentioned discoloring to a tan. Guess this would be a good mistake though-better than if I said it didn't and it did. I'm wondering if anyone else thinks that individual results vary with the soapmakers recipes-kind of like when chandlers use different waxes? I don't think I've ever read any posts to this effect but I've been thinking along these lines for some time with the testing we do and reading some peoples results here on candletech. I've read about acceleration with our Sea Salt Breeze and yet I've soaped it many times and never had a problem. Also noted a post of weak scent throw in Tropical Fusion and made my own just to see (our original line I did not test them all myself-had outside testers do it) and my TF does have a throw, sold it at my last craft show. I don't think anyone would have bought it if they couldn't smell it. Anyway to end my book here :o LOL, what is anyone elses opinion on individual CP soap recipes affecting the fragrance performance??


Oh, PS: I did soap the Huckleberry Blues and while it had a phenomenal scent throw of pure berry in my recipe, it did discolor a very dark brown for me.

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