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My Website Is Finally Being Designed - Header Pic Inside


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The header and logo are complete. Notice the candle in the UFO in my logo. The designer is amazing. Here is their site if anyone needs any web design: http://www.webdreamsunlimited.com/

The rest of the site will be done in about a week. I'll post the site when it is done. My line of candles are geared towards sci-fi fans. I had pics posted in the gallery, but my Photobucket account was deleted for violation of TOS. I'm really not sure what I violated, but ahh well. All my product pics were hosted there. Luckily I kept a backup. I'll get more pics up next week.

Any feedback on the art?

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Coooooooool, I remember seeing your pics & your product names are so good, they all fit perfectly.

Wishing you every success with your venture.


Yep, I also remember when you posted your pics, I really liked them and the names you came up with.

That is some logo, WOW! It definitely grabs your attention! I can't wait to see what he comes up for the rest of the website. :)

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I like the logo part on the left with the tealight but if I didn't know to look for a candle, I wouldn't think it was a candle website. I love the concept but I think the designer needs to incorporate more on the right to show what you sell...I just see a big hand grabbing a hitchhiking cartoon girl. Just my opinion. Again, I love your concept and the products you have shown us, but if you are paying someone to do this, I think it still needs work.

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