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how to check out at Bittercreek???


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I may be nuts, well OK that's a given, but I can't seem to find a way to check out on the Bittercreek website :confused: I added an item to my shipping cart and was taken to a page to enter my zip code, etc...the page says to do this the first time you add an item. Then to click 'set shipping'. I did this and the same page keeps popping up. No where on the page can I find a link to my cart or to proceed to checkout. Am I just missing it...it's probably right in front of me! Aaarrrggghhh...

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It's a little bit confusing until you get used to it.

Pick your first item

Then you enter your zip code and State to set the shipping

It should then go to a page with the first item you put into your cart. You can then add more items from there. When you are done you will chose one of the four options for payment. They are in black - Pay Pal, Credit Card, Check and one other option. It will then walk you through entering your shipping info and payment info.

If you can't figure it out then call them in the morning to place your order. Tell them that you tried to do an order online but couldn't get it to work. They will probably still honor the 2% discount that online shoppers get.

Good luck!

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Yep, their site is a MESS!

I've been on there numerous times to order products only to get so frustrated with all the pages you have to go through (jumpin' through hoops)-that I've never ever ordered from them!

This topic comes up at least once a year if not more. You'd think that they would update their site knowing that people are frustrated with it, and yet they don't. I guess b/c a lot of people are willing to jump through all those hoops, they get enough sales not to worry about the ones who won't. :confused:

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