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rings for key rings?


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Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but does anyone know where I can buy just the ring part of a key chain?...oh yeah, cheap too :smiley2:

Just curious. Were you looking for this piece for a soap cutter? I just had to replace that part on my soap cutter that holds the wire taut that cuts the soap. I had to think too of where to get that piece since I've never had a need to purchase just that. And then I come here and read your post. lol

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LOL Meredith...I am sooooo not a soap maker so not purchasing for that...I didn't even know soap cutters had them! My first attempt at HP boiled out all over my counter and had to be madly scooped back in...it actually came out OK, but I was traumatized greatly!!!

I am looking for them to make scented key chain ornies... I discovered a 50 pound drum of sachet beads (purchased 3 years ago :D ) in my "storage" room so began making some baked ornies for trees and room fresheners. Then I found my mini cookie cutters and made myself one to hang on my keychain...it was toooooo cute and I though "Eureka"...maybe I can sell these! Thus the search for the rings!

Hey everyone, thanks for the all the links and tips...I found them at artbeads at a great price

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