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3" Ball Candles


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Hi, was wondering if anyone has success making and burning 3" ball candles. Could someone advise how a ball candle is supposed to burn - does anyone have any pics they could share?

The ones I have been making and testing all seem to burn very well at first then the melt pool gets too big and they kinda "flatten" out. Looks weird. :tongue2: Also when the melt pool gets very close to the bottom of the candle, the base seems to get quite warm and even a bit of wax can start to ooze from the wick hole area - how far down do people burn ball candles? I am using straight paraffin, stearin, and 5% FO. Thanks for any help.:smiley2:

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Thanks Vicky - I had to go to a meeting at a friend´s house tonight and she had about 10 store bought ball candles burning. They were spilling over, had huge flames (because she does not trim the wicks), and some were even flattening out a bit, so I had a good look at them. I am testing another wick now which, cross fingers, is looking good.

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I love ball candles! I purchased round, paraffin ones for years, which burned okay, but did kinda flatten when the top had burned halfway down... they didn't last very long - one long evening is about all I ever got from them.

Mine are made from palm wax. I wick them to leave a shell so that when the interior of the shell is burned out, I can light it with a tealight. Here's three pictures of my favorite ribbed ball burning. Ignore the color in the first photo - I went for the lens flare instead of true color...:tongue2:

This is the start...


Here's the middle...


Here's the end after I had burned out the interior. This is now lit with a tealight.


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