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Help Please!!!

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Ok guys, here is the situation. I have a craft show in 2 weeks and have some products I was working on. Everything was going smoothly until the wax I needed came in. I purchased 2 50 lb cases of Joy Wax from NG and they were working great IN THE PAST. When my new order of the same wax from the company came in, the wax was completely different. The lady told my husband to add 1 oz Crisco per pound of wax and everything would be fine. The candles I have made with this are absolutely HORRIBLE and the Crisco did not help t all. I really do not know what happened and I am so frustrated! What wax do you use that has the even burn of soy and has a great hot throw????? Please help because I am 2 weeks away from a craft show and have a lot of work to do.

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Your supplier is the best person to contact when having wax problems. If you had no need to use an additive in the past and the new batch of wax you purchased is not behaving the same, you should not need to use an additive now. You do not mention the specific problems you are having with the wax or whether you are also using different FOs, dyes, etc. All ingredients have an effect on how the wax behaves. If you are using the same procedures and ingredients as before and the wax is behaving markedly different, the differences should be reported to the supplier.

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