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Rancid soap


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This is in line of something I've been wondering about... could it be the carrier oil in the FO? I have read most suppliers use an oil like OO but you never know for sure... anyway, what if the carrier oil was starting to turn when the soap was made.

Also I have been doing a lot of research on rancidity as I'm planning my curing closet (a permanat space) and according to what I have read humidity (of course), light, a high oxegen enviroment, and exposure to metals (that supply a "nuclious" to start the reaction) can all contribute to oils going rancid. Iron (as in steel, not stainless steel which is almost compleatly non reactive, but plain steel) is a big offender. I have started wondering about other substances... wondering what is really safe and what needs to be avoided.

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These two different bars were stored in two different places. One has been hanging around my living room from shelf to shelf, lol and the other was in my craft room on a wire rack shelf. I used Peaks LemonGrass and Sage and the other was Scent Works, pumpkin spice I believe.:undecided I did cphp on both soaps and they were both done at different times. the Lemongrass was made almost 2 years ago but it just a sliver I never used b/c I was testing how long the scent would last and how the soap would do overtime. The pumpkin was made last year in November.

CB, if it morphed wouldn't it have been stinking after it was made? They smelled fine.

Brat, no I don't superfat cphp.

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