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How Do I Acheive this Feathered Look???


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Hello All!

I don't make candles very often. I specialize in making silicone molds. However as the holiday season approaches I am getting ready to make my home made gifts.

I love the look of these candles in the link that I have attached.


Can anyone tell me how to acheive this look? Is it a special wax? Specific pouring temp.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Those look like rustic candles. If you search the site here, there is a lot of information about how to make them. :)

I cannot tell what kind of wax is used from the photo - palm wax gives some interesting textures also. Information about it can be found in the Vegetable wax forums.

HTH and Good luck!:)

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They are rustic pillars made out of regular parrafin wax, you pour the wax cool say 140 and sort of slosh it round the sides and then pour all the way up. You pour it in to a mold that has been chilled to help nachieve the rustic effect. I think that there is instructions for it to the left. I am sure there will be some experts along soon that can offer more help than me.

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