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Rockin- Good luck today


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Oh my lord. I had heard a rumor about this and to my surprise it is true. *faint* OK now that I have picked myself up off the floor. I would say to my fan club. Love me tender..Love true...don't ever dump me...then I would be blue.

Thanks u all. I am flattered.

So today the weather broke and turned cloudy. It was kinda chilly but just right. It was slow till the church crowd came out to play. Boy did they ever.

Normally we do quite a bit of biz in the morning but this time it was quite the opposite. WE did over 75% after 1 PM. So that was nice.

The groupies showed up. One showed up and did a nice repeat of biz. Had 4 or 5 others show up and was so happy that I was back again. What is it about this? I know it is not my charm or good looks. Not a clue. Anyway all the repeats bought again and many instances purchase extra additional items. I just hope they tell their friends.

So I am off to Springfield IL this upcoming weekend. Last chance to rest cause after that it is full speed ahead every weekend till the middle of Dec.

*super banana*


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