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Angry Clown Salt Bar

Grumpy Girl

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Well, it turned out a little bit too much like the Acid Trip that I do already, but for a salt bar, I'm thinking it may end up being kinda cool when it's done if the colors hold true.

Unfortunately, this can't gel or it'll be ruined. I've never done a salt bar I didn't let gel before. It should be interesting. This being said, we all know it WILL gel just because I don't want it to.

The scent is a mixture of 7 different citrus EO's and FO's. It smells pretty damn good.



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WOWSERS!!!! :cool2: When I saw the name "Angry Clown" I thought of Stephen King's book and movie "IT". I am in the process of making my first salt bar as I post this but I think I will go for the "it worked" before I ever attempt something like this, lol. Can hardly wait to see cut pics, just AWESOME!!! :D

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Ok... you have to officially rename this "Holy Crap" Salt Bar. I said the same thing as the others... But mine came out " HOLY *BEEP*!!!" Uh... rhymes with TRUCK. lol

I better not give up my day job... LOL This puts my salt bars I just made to SHAME. :o

This is awesome girl!

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