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Wicking & tea fragrances


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I have some delicious Iced black Keemun Tea, from SW, a gift from a very nice friend who seems to know just what I will like! Thank you CB.

Anyway I have poured a tester candle with this, using my own soy/para pillar blend & wicked it with LX 24....way too small, melted down & wicked with LX 26, again too small. Both times the throw was wonderful.

I haven't got any LX28's to try wicking up again but I do have some larger Eco's although I don't much like Eco's in pillars. If I get some LX28 to try is it not likely to burn the FO off too quickly & diminish the HT?

Does anyone have any recommendations for wicking 3" pillars (soy/para) with tea fragrances?

Also do tea fragrances tend to need larger wicks?

This is the first time I've used a tea fragrance & I couldn't find anything in the search.....probably not asking it the right question..lol.

TIA for any help.


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