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Looking for a FO request please


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Hi, I'm looking for a request for a scent called beignet. Here's the decription from wikipedia. Any suggestions what would match this that has a strong throw? I'm using J223 and 6006. Thanks so much for the help!!!

A beignet ([bεn.je] pronounced ben–YAY, from the Middle French word for "bump"), in American English, refers to a French doughnut being a pastry made from deep-fried dough and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.

Beignets are often found in, and typically associated with, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Savory versions of beignets are also popular as an appetizer, with fillings such as crawfish or shrimp. They are also found in Charleston, SC.

The term beignet can be applied to two varieties, depending on the type of pastry. The French doughnut beignet in the United States is simply a deep-fried choux pastry; this variety is very similar to Italian zeppole. Beignets can be made with yeast pastry as well however - such yeast donuts might be called boules de Berlin in French, referring to Berliner doughnuts which have a ball shape filled with fruit or jam. This variety is similar to the Polish pączki.

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