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Cider Donut


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OMG! I was at the mall today and just had to go in the Yankee store. They have some really good new fragrances. I saw the Cider Donut from the window and it was calling my name. I was soooo close to buying it!

Here is the description:

A tantalizing twist ... warm cider aroma with ginger, star anise, rum, almonds, and vanilla cream.

Has anyone else sniffed this?

Also had to sniff the Frosted Pumpkin again.

I am going to try mixing buttercream with pumpkin and see what I get. But I do not know where to start on the cider donut. Any ideas?

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Been wanting to sniff that one. I might actually have a shot at doing so this weekend lol. I'm not close to a YC and not familiar with anyone selling them in this area.

Now where to find a dupe for it? Beg Kim at FOH to go take a whiff lol. She's got a lot of dupes.

You might look at trying say an AJ&P (or something similar) and some kind of pastry FO and see if you get close.

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