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Lye Heavy = Crumbly??


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I'm trying to decide if I soap I made Wed. night is lye heavy? It's my usual recipe, nothing different. I added JS shimmering pink FO, first time I've use it. Last night I uncovered it and went to cut it and noticed that they were drops on the top of the log. I checked it, yep lye!! Ouch!!:shocked2: I blotted it off and left it over night. This morning no new drops, but a dampness around the outside, also lye. So I cut it and the inside seemed fine. No zap, no lye pockets. The color on the inside was also better. Creamy off white with pink swirls. But, all around the outside, it had more of a bright yellow color. Weird looking. The smell is a little off also, I can smell the FO, but also a little bit of sharp smell also. Right now I have it chopped up and remelting, wanting to rebatch it. I'm just racking my brain too remember if maybe I weighed something wrong? I did do double my normal recipe, did I forget to double an oil?

But back to my original question, isn't lye heavy soap normally crumbly? This isn't, very soft almost a rubbery feel actually. I'm just trying to decide if a rebatch is worth it. But I hate to waste 5 lb. of oils!!:cry2:


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Usually, but not always. I had a recent batch that looked really oily. I've had this happen before; the fragrance sinks back in, so I was not overly concerned.

Went to cut the slab and the liquid burned the crap out of my fingers. I tossed the whole batch. Not a clue as to what happened. I soaped the exact same soap the week before uneventfully.


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