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This is the first time I've used this wax and it's all parrafin (spelling? :confused: ) based. It is sooooooooo hard. How do you ladies cut this stuff or get it into pieces to melt in a double boiler? I just scraped it and used shavings to get what what little amount I needed yesterday but darn it's hard. LOL can you tell I normally use a parasoy blend and softer wax.....new to the harder wax please help.

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We use something that is like a meat cleaver and hammer it. It breaks pretty

easy if you can hit the hammer hard. You can also use a screwdriver and

hammer it into the wax. There is also a heated knife that Lonestar Candle

Supplies carries. Good luck.

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Get yourself a clean hammer and beat it! LOL

What I do, is prop the slab up against something so it's at an angle, then just give it a whack (not necessarily hard either) in the middle of it and it breaks up pretty easily. I normally don't melt less than 4lbs at a time, so I don't need small chunks, but every now and then when I do, I just continue propping the chunks up at an angle and hitting them until they are about the size I need. Put them on the scale and go from there.

I love this wax for votives.

Good luck!

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